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Online Slots Review: The Goonies Are Back

The cult classics of the 1980s are beloved by everyone. It would appear that our favorite Goonies have returned, and in Blueprint Gaming’s The Goonies Return slot, they’re better than ever. The Goonies Jackpot King is a sequel to the original The Goonies slot machine.



Get ready to be transported back in time to when the Goonies were on a journey to preserve their family homes from the treasure hunters. This online slot game is still popular today and adds a touch of nostalgia to the overall experience. It’s the type of idea that gets under your skin, with its mix of good against evil characters and plot points (with lots of action, romance, friendship, and general adventures). Now you may relive the excitement in an online video slot game with five reels, three rows, and a high payout potential.

The Goonies Slot Machine’s New Layout, Symbols, and Controls


The game’s popular characters’ voices and sly soundtrack set the tone early on, and the characters’ sardonic animations occur often throughout. The game is played on a 5×3 grid, and there are a total of 20 treasure-filled paylines to be won across the board. In addition, the famous treasure map that serves as a constant prop throughout the film will ensure that you always know which way to proceed.


Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, and Data, four of your all-time favorites, all provide rewards of 10–15 times your bet. The biggest payout is for five of the skull and crossbones symbols in a winning same-symbol combination, which is 25 times the wager. The value of the cards from Jack to Ace is zero. The Doubloon Wild sign may stand in for any other regular sign, and when used alone, it has the same value as the Skull and Crossbones Symbol.


The Goonies Are Back! Slots: How to Play

To place a wager and take part in the excitement, navigate to the left side of the screen, where you’ll find the bet menu between the (+) and (-) buttons. When you’re ready to get started, tap the big play button in the middle of the screen on the right.


You can place a minimum wager of 0.10 and a maximum stake of 100.00 (in the currency of your choice) before you begin the quest.

Slot for the Goonies’ Mobile Comeback


You can go on a treasure hunt and play other slots for mobile anywhere you have an internet connection with The Goonies Return slot, which is compatible with laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets and supports all iOS, Android, and Windows devices.


Free Spins & Bonus Rounds on the Goonies Slot Machine

When taking into account all of the aspects, The Goonies Return becomes even more of an exciting trip. There are a total of six One-Eyed Willy modifiers, each of which can activate one of six possible bonus rounds. At random, on any spin of the original game, the One-Eyed Willy modifiers will activate, unlocking three keys. The following three alterations are up for grabs for the players to choose from.


Truffle Shuffle Wilds are the first, and they can occur anywhere on the reels and transform into Wild Multipliers. The second is called “Hidden Riches,” and it involves a Mikey Wild on the middle reel, as well as Goony Symbols that can change into Wilds. Data will use a boxing glove to knock over 5 reels in the W-invention Reels, where the identical symbols will be revealed.


When the Lucky Coins Mystery Symbols are triggered, they will be added to the reels and turn into the identical matching payout symbols. The coins might even disclose cash symbols, triggering an infinite number of respins until no more Mystery Symbols appear. With the Bonus Boost, more Bonus Symbols can be added to the game’s reels. In conclusion, the Win Spin, to put it simply, will grant an extremely profitable spin.


One of the nicest things about playing online slots is taking advantage of the extra features.


In addition to the aforementioned six main characteristics, a number of other random modifiers are available to change any losing spin into a winning one, as shown below.


The Scythe will clear the reels, allowing a new winning combination to appear.


Any triumph will be magnified as the Dynamite rips through the reels.


In order to create room for a new victory, the Shooting Spikes will eliminate a certain number of columns.


A flood of new symbols will replace the old ones once the Cave Collapse wipes them all.


In order to unlock the Booby Trap Bonus, players will be given a key that may be turned either left or right. As a result, the player will learn the name of a brand new Bonus Game thanks to a Bonus Feature that is activated in this fashion.


The Waterslide to Wealth Bonus requires you to traverse a path and pick up rewards of increasing value along the way. Once you click “Collect,” the bonus will be over. If players persist until the very finish, they’ll unlock a whole new bonus round dubbed the Big Money Bonus Round.


The Skeleton Organ Free Spins feature awards 5 free games with a stacked wild reel full with Skeleton Organ Symbols. During the Free Games, any Skeleton Organ symbols that appear on the reels will remain where they landed. The user will have to select a key from within the organ in order to unlock a particular symbol, which will then be added to all visible Skeleton Organ Symbols. Following the conclusion of the Free Spins, the Gold Doubloons will emerge, and the player will be able to select one. This, in turn, will unlock more free spins and a shortcut to the next bonus round.


Ten free spins are given out to players who activate the Fratelli Free Spins bonus. If a Super Sloth Wild appears, it will be highlighted at the spot where it first emerged. A Cash or Wild Symbol will replace the indicated locations for the last free spin. Players who obtain five or more Cash Symbols trigger the Momma Fratelli Money Spins bonus round. When fresh Cash Symbols appear, you’ll get a new set of three free spins to use in this extra round. As the round comes to a close, the player is presented with a choice between three keys; selecting one of these keys will either grant the player extra Free Spins, unlock a new bonus feature, or let them to collect their winnings and return to the main game.


The Inferno Wild symbol expands to cover a whole reel during the Final Voyage Free Spins, which kick out on the leftmost reel. It will shift one reel to the right for the next many spins. The icons for Data, Mouth, Chunk, and Mikey will all become wild on the first, second, third, and fourth spins, respectively. On the fifth and final spin, all characters will turn Wild, and then five doubloons will emerge.


The Hold and Win feature is the best way to define the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus Feature. starting with 3 spins at no cost. The following effects will be activated when any of the Cash Symbols or Character Symbols appear in a winning combination:


Bet Multipliers are represented by Cash Symbols.


  • The Mikey Symbol grants a multiplier that applies to all bets.


  • The Data Symbol can grant an additional retry, for a maximum of 1.


  • The Chunk Symbol boosts the value of all other symbols on the player’s screen.


The sum of all on-screen wagers is accumulated in the mouth icon.


  • The One-Eyed Willy Symbols takes up a whole new column in the marginalia.


Any other character sign on the board will have its power restored by the Sloth sign.

Return to Player, Volatility, and Top Payout in The Goonies Slot


If you’re ready for the challenge, you may win as much as 250,000 credits playing The Goonies Return, a medium-volatility slot with a standard RTP of 95.5%.


Conclusion about the New Goonies Slot Machine Online

The degree of team spirit displayed by all of the characters in the film, and especially while playing The Goonies Return slot machine, is infectious. The subject of what it means to be an adventurous adolescent is expanded upon by the game’s abundance of features, including Free Spins Features, Multipliers, and Mini Games.


Since winning or obtaining some priceless prizes is rather likely in this magnificent slot, despite the game’s medium volatility, we’re motivated to keep spinning the reels, whether for real money or simply for fun, until we’ve reached the bottom of the treasure chest.

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